Cafe lights3
Cafe' lights in clear tent w/cherry dance floorPatio heaterCafe lights"Way Cool" Air Cooling System (shown: oscillatiing)Bird Cage LanternLantern, 12" Metal w/ glass doorsLanternLED Uplighting (Upclose View)Liberty PA SystemOak Podium with SoundOval-Brushed-Metal-ChandelierScroll, Silver 8- Lite ChandelierSingle Pole LightSoft Up LightingTent Up LightingTent Up Lighting (Up Close View)Tent Up Lighting Pink with Pink GelsWhite ChandelierWhite String LightsWrought Iron ChandlierTent heater with flex duct hoseCafe' lights

Lighting, Sound and Power

Lighting, Sound and Power Rental Pricing

Lectern (2 piece) w/ speaker system $110.00
Podium, Clear Acrylic (no sound) $120.00
Oak podium with sound $175.00
Liberty PA System w/ mic| $180.00
Microphone Stand $12.00
Liberty PA System Cordless, w/ CD player $220.00
 Cafe’ String Lighting  Call for quote
White (C-9) String Lights (per running foot) $1.00
LED centerpieces E-Max Disc 8” white light $12.50


Black Wrought Iron, 32″ $165.00
Black Wrought Iron, 48″ $300.00
White, medium $120.00
White, large 9-lite, 2-tier $165.00
Silver Scroll 8-Light $165.00
Oval Brushed Metal 10-Light $165.00


Large, 9.5″w x 17″h $16.00
Brown and Black, each $6.50
Bird cage $24.00
12″ Metal w/ glass door $6.50
- optional shepherd’s hook to hang lantern $4.50
Orb, 9.5″ $6.50
Orb, 16″ $24.00
Theatrical Uplighting Call for quote
Gobo Projection with pattern Call for quote
Pin Spots, five per rack $42.00
24″ Disco Mirror Ball (w/ motor and pin spots) $75.00

Climate Control

Fan, Round for tent poles $28.00
Fan, Pedestal $44.00
Lava Patio heaters, 8’h x 2’w $160.00
“Way Cool” Air Cooling System (non oscillating) $225.00
“Way Cool” Air Cooling System (oscillating) $250.00
Tent Heater (80,000 btu) w/ propane $240.00
Tent Heater (170,000 btu) w/ propane $325.00
Diffuser for tent heaters Sq. End $16.00
End Diffuser with flexible duct hose $28.00
Patio Heater w/ propane (stainless steel) $105.00
Call for quote on generators, A/C, etc.