Rental Props by Distinctive Event Rentals
King and Queen ThronesSmall Queen ThroneLifeguard StandBuffet Boat w/ SailMarquis Display FountainBamboo Hut Tiki BarSuit of ArmorWhite drapeWhite Dance FloorAntique French CartBenchCartDry Sink tin Topped HutchHollywood SignIron Ballot BoxIron BasinBird CageMilk CanPillowsPopcorn Cart and Popcorn Machine (rents separately)15' Market UmbrellaCrowd Controling FenceBella UmbrellaWooden BoxObeliskVintage LOVE lettersRed Modern LOVE letters

Prop Rental Pricing

Thrones (King and Queen), each $150.00
Thrones (King and Queen), small, each $80.00
Lifeguard Stand $150.00
Buffet Boat, with sail $100.00
3l” Marquis Display Fountain $100.00
Bamboo Hut Tiki Bar (linen separate) $150.00
Suit of Armor (each) $75.00
Stanchion, white plastic (each) $6.50
Stanchion Chain, white plastic, (10 ft section) $2.00
Stanchion, chrome or bronze(each) $18.00
Red or Black Velvet Rope, 8′ for stanchions $12.00
Boas, pink or black (each) $5.00
Pipe and Drape, 12′ high, per panel (various colors) $16.50
Pipe and Drape, 8′ high, per panel (various colors) $8.75
Crowd Controlling Fence, 42″ x 8′ (each) $24.00
15′ Round Wooden Market Umbrella $140.00
11′ Bella Umbrella $100.00
French Country Antique Cart $180.00
Antique Hand Truck $15.00
Antique Travel Trunk $24.00
Wine Barrel (each) $45.00
Ficus Tree, silk, 84″ high $40.00
Ficus Tree, silk w/ string lights, 84″ high $52.00
Obelisk White Iron 7′ tall (Per set of 2) $72.00
Bird cage $24.00
Popcorn Cart $50.00
Popcorn Popping Machine

Hollywood Sign Large 20’x42″

Hollywood Sign Small 8’x16″





Cart $120.00
Bench $110.00
Pillows $7.50
Iron Basin $75.00
Iron Ballot Box $24.00
Wooden box $12.00
Milk Can $12.00
Dry Sink Tin topped hutch

VintageWooden LOVE letters

Modern Silver/Red LOVE letters