10' high leg drapes

Tent Accessories

Tent accessories add style and elegance to your special event. Distinctive Event Rentals offers a wide selection of options including clear tent sides, french tent sides, mesh tent sides, fabric leg drapes and round market umbrellas. Distinctive Event Rentals provides a one-stop shop for all of your tent rental requirements.

Tent Sides and Miscellaneous Pricing
Solid White Sides (per running foot) $2.25
Clear Sides (per running foot) $2.50
French Window Sides (per running foot) $2.75
Mesh White Sides (per running foot) $2.00
Sides for “Tentnology” Tents (per running foot) $2.50
Fabric Leg Drapes for tent poles $15.00
Tent Pole Sleeve, white vinyl 8′ $6.00
Air Wall $100.00
Cloud Nine Room (includes lighting at bottom perimeter) $1,000.00
12′ Wooden Market Umbrella $95.00
15′ Wooden Market Umbrella $120.00
Optipars $36.00
Tent Flooring Risers Pricing
Ultra Deck Grey Plastic (per square foot) $1.00
4′ x 4′ section $28.00

Sections can be installed as one large leveled tent floor over uneven terrain or as a multi-level riser for stadium seating. Accessories include handicapped ramp, guard rails, adjustable stairs (12” to 32”) with hand rails, diagonal sections, rounded sections.

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